Dog Study at Mills: Sound Wish List

Dog Study at Mills   [working title]                                                        Sound Wish List

All details are subject to change.

Overall, I’ll be adding music and sounds under and between segments to add color & help to tell the story.

Sounds to include:

  • Dog sounds, i.e. walking around, toenails on floor, whimpering, barking, sound of dog munching on biscuit, sound of tail wagging and hitting floor or wall; sounds during testing including walking to bowls, sniffing, munching, etc. I will/may add others as I discover them.
  • Owner sounds,e. interviews, talking to dog, walking indoors & outdoors with dog, sound of clicking dog up to leash, and releasing him; instructions, comments to dog during study; comments & questions to person conducting test, etc.; I will/may add others as I discover them.
  • Interviews with:
    • Professor who created the study
    • TA who assists on study
    • Other students helping out on study
    • Brief interviews with dog owners (& dogs, depending on how they respond)
    • “Man on the Street” interviews with dog owners, possibly at a dog park
    • Any other authority on subject area
  • Narration / V/O
  • Music – Subtle & instrumental, in the background and/or the foreground as appropriate playing under certain segments IF appropriate; also to be used as punctuation, etc. Am also checking to see if the theme song to “Lassie” TV show is in the public domain.
  • Room sound: In every setting where I record
  • Ambient sound: When present, in every setting where I record.





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