Women in Hip Hop – Jameka Townsend

I’m doing a story about Women in Hip Hop. What is interesting about it is there are many women in Hip Hop (rappers, models, producers, engineers, videographers, DJs, agents and etc.) but many aren’t recognized or acknowledged due to Hip Hop being a largely male dominated genre.

Interview As
What are your goals as an artist?
What challenges do you face as an artist?
When did you start your artistry?
How do you want your fans and listeners to receive your art?
How do you craft your work/art?
Are there other artists you aspire to work with?
Who are your influences?
What does it mean to be a Hip Hop artist in Seattle? Let alone a Hip Hop artist who is a woman?
**Questions about themes in projects esp latest “The Most High”**
In which ways are you still growing as an artist?
Where do your ideas/words for your work transpire?

Sound wish list
Song outtakes in studio
Traffic noise
Clips of artist’s music


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