Types of Competition – A Conversation of the Benefits and Implications of Organized Sports

Interviews : I am interviewing Mills and UCB students about their involvement in sports before and during college.

  • Do you feel that organized sports have supported you throughout your life and/or academic career?
  • Do you think that organized sports differ drastically from less competitive sports clubs?
  • If you were to change one thing about current sports culture, what would that be?
  • What is one thing that you really value from organized sports?


  • 2 people in an organized sport currently
  • 1 person who likes to attend sport events
  • 2 people who are no longer in sports but played most of their life
  • 1 person who does not like sports and has not played

Sound Wish List

  • Coach whistle
  • Parents clapping or shouting
  • fans clapping and/or shouting
  • Room Sound
  • Cheers and chants from games





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