“Your Heart’s Gonna Tell You Something Eventually…” – Feeding the Heart and Soul of a Filipino-American Family

This podcast will examine the conflict between heart health and dietary practices of a Filipino-American family in Vallejo, CA. While this phenomenon is well documented in health science, I think it would be more interesting to hear stories directly from those that experience this conflict in their daily lives.

Interview Questions (tentative, will edit as necessary):

How would you describe our family’s health history? How about your own health?
How would you describe Filipino food?
What’s your favorite Filipino dish?
What are the main health concerns of your family?
Studies have shown that Filipino American communities have significant rates of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Why do you think this is?

Sound Wishlist:

  • my grandmother’s gas stove lighting up
  • my car engine starting
  • oil sizzling
  • washing rice in a bowl
  • pages turning
  • ambient noise of my grandmother’s kitchen
  • the Campanil’s bell
  • church bell
  • ambient noise of people eating a meal